4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

*If you’re a fan of Jaymin Eve’s Shadow Beast shifter series, Maya Nicole’s Arbor Falls series or G. Bailey’s Fall Mountain Shifters series you will love this one!*
Every girl dreams of being the Alpha’s mate, but for me it’s a nightmare.
Being born a ‘blue moon shifter’ means living my life underground and not being allowed to visit the surface world, not ever. Being an outcast in my pack, ridiculed and taunted daily didn’t make life any better.
I’ve dreamed of escape for years but when Alpha Logan rejects me, I make a break for it. The only problem is, this sadistic Alpha wolf has made me his new chew toy and refuses to part with me.
I escape my pack with the help of three mysterious Alpha wolves from the surface world, but they trick me. Before I can enjoy my new freedom they kidnap me, taking me to their lair.
These three sinfully handsome Alphas demand I use my powers to break a curse that’s been plaguing their pack for decades. There’s only one problem, I have no powers!
If I don’t find a way to break their curse soon they’ll send me back to my pack or worse, Alpha Logan will come for me himself.
If you like steamy, dark paranormal romances with humor, crazy twists, action, a tough heroine and handsome antiheros, this is for you! This is a rejected mate Reverse Harem romance. Watch out for that cliff! This book is not for kids.
Scroll up and one click while it’s still hot!
The Blood Moon shifters series happens ten years after the events of the Poison Penitentiary series. But BOTH series can be read COMPLETELY independently of each other.

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