4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Some things should have been left in the ashes of Earth.
Do no harm. That’s the creed of a doctor. But Yvonne Naude has walked dangerously close to that line. Maybe she already crossed it. When the man that killed her husband was in her power, she pulled the trigger without hesitation. How was she supposed to know the gun wasn’t loaded?
But there’s a job to do and her crew is depending on her. One century after the departure of the AI benefactor Moses, tensions have come to a head. Alliances and long-festering fears are pushing the colonies to the brink of war as terrorist agitators threaten the critical grav plate factories on Ganymede and Mars. Without these irreplaceable facilities built by Moses himself, life in the colonies will soon end.
The captain of the Sparrow, Matthew Cole, has been tapped to lead a new guild of freelancers. The best of the best under one banner. Or maybe just a collection of misfit mercenaries.
Either way, the only thing standing between humanity and oblivion is the crew of the Sparrow and a handful of broken souls.

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