4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

This edition is a collection of some of AGATHA CHRISTIE’S finest works. Detective novels have been around for decades, all beginning with Agatha Christie. She was a pioneer in this genre and made it what it is today. Detective novels centre around a murder and finding out who the culprit is and in this field Agatha Christie is at the top of the charts. She is the world’s best-selling mystery writer and often considered a master of writing suspense, of plotting and characterisation.


The collection gets updated at the beginning of every year with more of Agatha Christie’s works being added.


The Mysterious Affair At Styles
The Secret Adversary
The Murder On The Links
The Man in the Brown Suit
The Secret of Chimneys


Poirot Investigates (a collection of 11 short stories)
Poirot’s Early Cases (a collection of 13 short stories)
The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding


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