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So here I am, on Mars. The accommodations are luxurious and the food is excellent. But I’m a thousand years in the future and light years away from my beloved sister. Earth is doomed and that means she is too. I have a plan, and I will achieve it like I have every other goal in my life.
The first thing I need is to make a powerful Martian fall in love with me.

I am King of Mars, yet I have still not been matched with my Earthling mate. When I see the beautiful little female at the bridal house, I am sure she is mine. When the matching system finally confirms my instinct, I go to claim her. The moment I smell her delicious scent, I am undone. And for the first time in my life, I lose control.

When I’m matched with the King of Mars, I know I’ve really lucked out. He’s the exact person who can rescue my sister. Unfortunately, I’m so turned on when I’m around the godly Martian, I can barely think.

King Damious has the crushing responsibility of Mars on his shoulders. How will I convince him to risk his planet for me?

Especially after I discover my feelings for him are stronger than the throbbing need building inside me?


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