5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


Unable to make it himself, Grumbler had made a simple request that I accompany his old lady to her prenatal appointment.
If I hadn’t, I would never have come across her, a woman broken in only ways a woman could break. Someone who desperately needed a friend in her corner.

Why did that have to be me? Believe me, I’d asked that of myself, but I couldn’t just walk away.

I had to use a truck when I visited her, which meant I wasn’t wearing a cut. She didn’t know I was a biker.

Perhaps it would have been better had she never found out.

I’m a woman on the run from my past, a past so horrific I’m surprised I survived. I thought I’d known the worst that life could throw at me, but I was sadly very wrong.

When Niran came across me, I was breaking apart, and nothing could put me back together. Nothing, perhaps, then this man who seemed determined to try.

Until I found out he represented all my nightmares rolled into one.

The past, which I thought I’d left behind, is closing in on me. And to fight it, I need Niran by my side.

Note: This book is ends on a cliffhanger, Part 2 can be pre-ordered now. It’s also dark and is not for the faint-hearted or those easily triggered.


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