5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Jareth prefers to be alone. After losing his parents in a tragic accident, he knows it’s the safest thing he can do. For everyone.
But when Veronica marches into his life, she refuses to leave him to his solitary existence, surrounded by nothing but his art. Vibrant and full of laughter, she won’t take no for an answer. Despite himself, Jareth starts to wonder whether his heart could trust again…
Except two more strangers arrive, also refusing to leave. Tristan, determined to prove Jareth has powers, and Brielle, the girl who’s searching for family just like Jareth is. They believe he’s a Zodiac Heir.
And that he must join them to defeat a great evil.
After a close brush with death, Jareth’s safe world implodes. He discovers Veronica isn’t who she claims she is. He learns that Tristan has foreseen his death.
And he begins to suspect that the loss of his parents may not have been an accident.
Jareth will be forced to decide. Run for his life? Or join a small group of teens claiming they’re destined to save the Universe…
Fans of paranormal and sci-fi romance will love this Sailor Moon meets Avengers series from USA Today Best-Selling authors Tricia Barr and Tamar Sloan! Scroll up and one-click your copy now!

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