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I always wanted to live out my darkest desires. Until they came true.

Doms. Dungeons. Kneeling at the feet of my Master. I’ve had naughty fantasies for as long as I can remember, but I never had the nerve to follow through on them. Besides, where would I find a sex club or a guy into D/s who wouldn’t turn out to be a serial killer? I’m a short, curvy kindergarten teacher in a small town where everybody knows your business.

So when I heard about the Centauri Brides program, I poured a glass of Chardonnay for courage and filled out an application. It says they’re looking for women willing to travel to a new world and mate with the aliens who live there.

There’s a footnote: Centauri warriors are strong, passionate aliens. Their culture requires females to obey their dominant mates or face the consequences, including the possibility of physical punishment. Do not apply if you are unwilling to accept these terms.
Do not apply? Hah! Reading that made me want to sign up even more.

I’ve been paired with a sexy seven-foot alien who changes color when he gets turned on. He’s everything I ever dreamed of – strong, smart, caring. And soo hot!

I can leave the program – but only after I’ve stayed with him for 30 days. So I have a whole month to live out every wild and wicked fantasy I’ve ever had, no strings attached, then go back to my comfortable, safe life on Earth.

Submitting to this dominant male is so much more thrilling than I ever imagined it would be. But I have a huge problem. He’s demanding more than my obedience.
He wants my heart.

And with every day that goes by, I’m getting closer to giving it to him.

Centauri Brides is a brand new series, a spinoff from the popular Centauri Captives. Each book is a standalone featuring masterful alien warrior males and the strong, smart Earth women who love them. And who have the skills it takes to build a brand new world. As always, USA Today Bestselling Authors Kallista Dane and Kate Richards promise an HEA in every story.


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