5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Build. Evolve. Conquer. Welcome to a whole new kind of Boss Battle…
Roark von Graf fought his way up from the bottom to become not only the Dungeon Lord of the Cruel Citadel, but the leader of the Troll Nation, making underhanded alliances with other dungeons and players along the way.
Until now, he’s only had to worry about his enemies attacking from inside the game. But Lowen, the Tyrant King’s right-hand man, has found a way to attack the players in league with Roark IRL, laying siege to the company that keeps Hearthworld’s servers running and capturing the very Devs who can take Roark apart byte by byte.
To stop Lowen and his Divine armies once and for all, Roark will have to drag the magics of the game into the real world, harness deadly new technologies, and build dungeons in places no Dungeon Lord has ever gone before.
The fate of Earth hangs in the balance. The duel between Dungeon Lords has begun. And one of them isn’t leaving Hearthworld alive…
From James A. Hunter—author of Bibliomancer, Shadowcroft Acadmey for Dungeons, and Viridian Gate Online—and eden Hudson, author of Path of the Thunderbird and Death Cultivator, comes the fifth installemnt in the bestselling Rogue Dungeon series!

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