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In a Galaxy at war, one human will join the fight.

Lincoln Finn is having a bad day. He just got kicked out of college, and his plans to travel the world are dashed. It seems all his dreams are dying.

But then a spaceship lands in his yard.

Lincoln has been accepted into the Harmonizer Academy, where aliens from across the Galaxy train to become the most elite warriors of a star-spanning Alliance. War has begun, and the survival of Earth depends upon whether the Harmonizers can win their battles.

But first, Lincoln must survive the training. With his “pack”—a group of seven aliens—he is given a daunting first task: to save a primitive species from extinction when their planet is targeted with an asteroid bombardment. But all is not as it seems, and the rag-tag team of candidates must alone confront new enemies of the Alliance. The future of the Alliance, and the survival of all life on Earth, depends upon their success.

Extinction Event is the first book of a six-volume series.

The Philadelphia Free Press writes of the companion series, The Predator Space Chronicles, “They are impossible to put down and filled with exciting action in an alien-filled galaxy that humans have just joined.”

86,000 words


Craig DeLancey is a writer and philosopher. His novels include the Predator Space Chronicles and Gods of Earth. He has published dozens of short stories, in places like Analog, Lightspeed, Nature Physics, Shimmer, and the Mississippi Review Online. His story “Julie Is Three” won the Analog Anlab readers choice award for short story in 2012 and is being made into a film by Storycom. His story “RedKing” is in several of the year’s best science fiction anthologies. He lives in Upstate New York and teaches philosophy at Oswego State.

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