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The secret of imaginative fiction is vital to our souls.

If we do not dream, if we do not imagine, we begin to die.

This fantasy genres guide quotes 70 authors who whirl the reader on a fantastic journey into the imaginative realm of magic and meaning.

A smart, concise, thoughtful look at how imaginative fiction impacts readers on three levels:

•The spiritual arena
•The wide world of ideas
•And the sphere we breathe in

But the secret lies farther within. Meaning is the soul of every adventure, its central reality. The reality of every book impacts us on every level.

There is spiritual meaning in fiction.

If a book’s dark soul is a false gem brought up from the sea of fantasy we see shades of human evil and shudder, tossing that book back into the waves it came from. If our jewel of fiction glitters unrealistically bright – without a care – we shrug and say, “meh,” and the fate of that soul, pages fluttering in the wind, is to lie forgotten.

But if that story draws light to battle darkness, if its soul mirrors our lives and calls us to the adventure of truth, the joys of mystery, and the beauties of brave action – then we have won a precious jewel drawn from the sea.

The ocean of fantasy is not without its dangers. Wherever there is wealth, there is risk.

We must choose.

•How do you tell if a book of speculative fiction is dark glass cunningly cut to resemble a jewel?
•How do you choose gems of fantasy and not counterfeit riches?
•Where can you discover the best imaginative fiction for yourself, your children and your friends, teens to adults?

Find the answer in Fantastic Journey in worlds near and far – discover the soul of speculative fiction and fantasy adventure.
Dare to unveil the soul of imaginative fiction in the spiritual arena, the wide world of ideas, and the sphere we breathe in. Experience the mystery, the beauty, and the adventure – from great middle grade books and enchanting young adult series to standalone adult novels.

The inspiring adventures we explore are beacons of extraordinary story. Most of them are lights by contrast, guiding us to enchanting lands of danger in the ocean of fantasy.

From ages 10 to 100, reading the best books also nourishes epic imaginative fiction authors and the craft of writing well as much as reading great literature. We bring up select jewels from the deep and explore mountain troves of speculative fiction for the riches heaped on untold shores.

Are you looking for imaginative fantasy with all the fascination of high intrigue, deep mystery, stellar action, and true romance, without following lovers into the bedroom? Do you find yourself craving fantasy adventure and speculative fiction without the sappy triteness of some “sweet” fiction, yet with all of the magic?

You will find it on this Fantastic Journey. Get it now.

When imaginative fiction adds the spice of high stakes, true peril, and brave loyalty to a sweet story – including the capacity for sacrifice, even to blood – that tale is a jewel of adventure indeed.

Discover the elusive secret of imaginative fiction in Fantastic Journey – The Soul of Speculative Fiction and Fantasy Adventure.

Find that which is the wealth of souls.

2 bonus lists: 85 Authors of Imaginative Fiction, in 39 Popular Genres


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