5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

After an explosion at a concert leaves Amelia Lamarr mentally incapable of writing or performing music, she struggles to get back to being the celebrity that the world expects her to be. At her side, every step of the way, Charles Rogers remains the only steady constant in her hectic life. As her bodyguard, Charles remains determined to make her feel safe and comfortable despite her daily anxieties. As her friend, he nicknames her ‘Red’ and makes fun of her lack of cooking skills. As her confidant, Charles teaches her that it’s okay to not be okay. Amelia quickly finds herself falling for the young bodyguard amongst all the chaos, especially when she learns that they have a lot more in common besides perpetual stubbornness. The industry challenges her at every turn, forcing Amelia to consider giving up her dream career when things begin to spin out of her control. Amelia remains hopeful that there is a way to still do what she loves most without sacrificing time with her family, her mental health or a real relationship with Charles. While Amelia is trying to fit her life together like a puzzle, old enemies wait in the shadows with plans to take everything she’s gained and more…

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