5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

The sweetest little and his doting Daddy.
875 miles and one year of college keeping them apart.

Colin has the most awesome Daddy that any little could ever want. But, there’s one problem— Daddy has to move away to a new state. The only thing standing in his way of joining Daddy is finishing up his last year of college. Will Colin be able to survive the infrequent flights between them?

Frank’s lucky enough that his much younger boyfriend still wants him to be his Daddy even in a long-distance relationship. Now, all Frank has to do is find creative ways of engaging Colin’s little side virtually. Will he be able to pull off being a caregiver from almost a thousand miles away or will Colin’s little require more than Frank can give?

If you enjoy low angst age play with ABDL, Daddy bears, and smart littles, you’ll enjoy Ginger Kisses.

This book was expanded from the original novella which was published for Ms. Holmes’s newsletter subscribers. The full novel includes Daddy’s POV and is more than twice the original word count.


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