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Hot, gorgeous, and sinful shifters and gods await! This collection contains four standalone novellas featuring all the sizzling chemistry, naughty desires, and primal passions you could ever want.

Deal With the Wrong Devil (Covenant of Lust)

A fine line exists between mortals and demons, especially when it’s your sworn enemy and ex-lover.

I’ve wanted Mr. Tall, Dark, And Cocky dead for years.

Now, he’s back in my life. And as much as I hate him, we have to work together to survive.

I see the way he looks at me. I know what he wants.

I want it too.

But not before he begs for mercy.

Things have always been complicated between us, and that was before the baby showed up.

Bad Boy God Next Door

I never thought I’d find a god on the ranch.

I’m a siren with nowhere to call home.
I’ve made mistakes in my life and lost everything.
But there’s one place left for me to start over and try again.
My old ancestral family home is available to me, but it will cost me.

I found him there.
He’s a Heraclean, a godly, gorgeous hunter of monsters.
I swore I’d never love a Heraclean after my past.
But he’s protected me and saved me.
And I don’t know why his sinful eyes tempt me.

He wants to claim me.
And I want to be ravaged by him.
But I don’t know if I can love him.

Not since his family killed my mother and ruined my life.

Jaguar’s Forever Bride

I didn’t know the witch was my forever mate when I came to kill her.

I’ve tracked her family line for generations to end my curse.
If I kill the reincarnated version of the witch who cursed me,
I can finally live again and end these centuries of torment.

But after all these years, I couldn’t finish the job.
Her sharp wit and feminine curves ignite a passion in me that I can’t control.
I have feelings for her that I don’t understand.
She agrees to do whatever I say, but I can tell she doesn’t trust me.
She’s afraid of my reputation as a shifter mercenary.

I know she feels the connection too.
I know she wants me as much as I want her.
There’s a way that I can break the curse and save her too,
But it comes at a hefty, forever price.

Bear Necessities

We once ruled kingdoms as gods.
Me, the cocky bear shifter.
She, the curvy witch with a spell so binding it would bring any shifter to their knees.

I was the first to take her purity when we were young.
And the first to break her heart.
A mistake I’ve always regretted.

Now, the curvy goddess is back after all these years.
And her sassy wit and hazel eyes make me regret my arrogant ways.

The fate of the world rests on our shoulders.
And she must put aside our past to save everything we hold dear.
We must return to the home of our love, where I first claimed her.
Her touch ignites a passion in me that I can no longer ignore.

I want her.

And I always get what I want.

No cheating and a guaranteed HEA. Contains sexy shifters and gods and should be enjoyed by 18+


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