4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


The dusty roads of Edgewood, New Mexico are etched in my biker veins…

I’m Hawk, the road captain of the Guardians of Mayhem and I lead the charge on the road.

That fateful day when I walked in the general store I thought I was rescuing Tara, but turns out she was rescuing me.

Two and half years on from the bloody rival gang shootout and we’re more united than ever as a club.

Tara’s abusive past is unfinished business.

Meanwhile the city of Edgewood is under strife with a rampant drug problem that Hawk is tackling with a Special Operations Unit.

The Guardians get an old nomad visitor, who was a friend of the founder, to reconnect with the club, but what are his real motivations?

The wives and girlfriends are making their presence felt, and the world of the Guardians has forever changed.

With her hair as dark as midnight and her face as white as snow, Tara is one I have to protect.

Will Tara’s abusive past block a beautiful future for Hawk and Tara? Or will the rise of the club plummet with her arrival?


Maverick is a man on mission and it’s explosive…

I’m the happy-go-lucky ex special ops bomb specialist and I get down with the Guardians.

Edgewood, here I come.

Wherever the mission is, that’s where I go, except I missed the part where the mission became my heart.

When I walked into the hole in the wall bar, I didn’t know a dark-haired, tatted up vixen of a bartender was going to rock my soul.

An Edgewood native named Stephanie who could put you under the bar with her cocktails.

The sexy bartender is holding some cards of her own that could blow the whole club apart.

And the Guardians still have Wildcard Willy to contend with.

He’s making his crazy demands, he’s got some dirt on the club that could ruin the Guardians forever.

They are in a race against time to keep the club together and keep meth off the Edgewood streets.

Can Maverick and Stephanie navigate through the chaos that’s coming their way? Or will their connection end in a heart-shattering explosion?


Always been a wild one, but maybe it’s time to lay down roots…

They call me Mustang. I’m the wild free-roaming special ops guy coming to save the day.

I got a bad history with women, so when Melissa shows up with her honeycomb locks and endless sparkle, I almost don’t know if it’s true.

With the missions dying down, it’s time for the Guardians to expand into new territory.

Problem is there’s an enemy that doesn’t want that to happen, and they’re threatening my girl.

She’s looking for adventure, but she doesn’t know what she’s in for.

She doesn’t know the demons I carry from the past and who will make her a target just for being with me.

Will Mustang’s new enemy get between him and his girl?

Will the Guardians be able to withstand the heat and start afresh in a new town?


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