5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Roy had to die. It was that simple. But after Betty-Sue and Beulah-May did the deed, they needed an escape. With Roy’s money, the answer was easy enough: build a town where crazy wasn’t a thing and everyone had secrets. But things aren’t so clear now, ten years later. There’s a new preacher in town and he’s got them thinking. The state’s come in and has some digging to do. With Roy resting peacefully under the Crazy Town welcome sign, the deadly duo must make peace with their past and start over again – this time, without blood on their hands. Is it possible to find sanity in the madness? Or will Betty-Sue and Beulah-May be forced to take matters into their own hands?With the fate of an entire town on the line, what are two country girls to do?

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