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SIX Ones
I’m a killer.
A rapist.
A rapist.
I have no regret about what I’m doing here.
I’m killing monsters so that you don’t have to.
I revel in the blood of every single life I take.
We’ve all got our devils.
There are those who have more than most.
One of mine, however, is chasing me.
They may like playing games, but they don’t know much. I play them better.
The most important piece on the board is the queen.
To note that, it will do them good.
There’s an explanation, after all, that they call me the Crimson Queen.

I’m a killer.
A rapist.
The Gunman.
I’ve got lots of devils.
She’s got them, too.
If she had only allowed her demons to dance with mine.
But she’s being hunted by somebody.
Before they get what they want, I’ll burn this whole planet to the ground.
Maybe they’ll label me a Mafia Prince, but I’ll be a king soon.
She’ll be the Queen by my side if things go my way.
And I’ll be her King of Crimson.


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