5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Reyna Mathers is a not so ordinary girl living in an ordinary town. Left on the doorstep of a fire station when she was only an infant, she was taken in by a single fireman.
After such a tragic beginning in life, growing up didn’t get much easier.

Alien girl. Freak. Outcast. Rebel.

Kids threw rocks at her in her adolescence. Teenagers whisper behind her back and give her a wide berth. Adults glare when she is in their immediate vicinity and look at her with disdain. She never quite fit in with her small Georgia town.

Then, two mysterious men appear in her life. Suddenly, insane and unimaginable things begin happening. Soon she finds out just how different from everyone else she truly is. With more questions than answers, she turns to the mysterious new kid in school who seems to know way too much.

When she finally gets her answers, everything will change, and there is no going back.


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