5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

She’s the one thing he can’t have … but only she knows why.


I’m one of the kings at Almadale Prep.
I’m fun, the class clown, the one who doesn’t do serious.
Until I meet her.
Short blonde hair, expressive brown eyes, and a bottom lip that aches to be kissed.
She becomes my everything.
Until her secret destroys us.
Leaving me reckless and spiraling.

In my world, I can have anything … but the girl I love.


I’ve got a secret.
One that I have to keep.
But it’s at the expense of the boy who makes my heart flip in my chest every time he flashes that devastating smirk.
He doesn’t understand.
It’s all to keep him safe.
Threats have been made, so I put on a smile and act like the perfect daughter.
Because if I don’t, I know he’ll get hurt.

In my world, I’m a puppet … whose strings are about to snap.


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