4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

Right before dawn, is it still the darkest? In the Storm’s Fury saga, this is the final chapter.

Fatigued by the typical post-apocalyptic story? Welcome to this new addiction of yours.

A latest, epic saga from #1 best-selling writers Mike Kraus and Justin Bell is Storm’s Fury.

As strong, corrupt forces unintentionally unleash a catastrophe of biblical proportions, the skies above America darken.

A lonely soldier lives in a bottle each day in a quiet southern town, forever regretting the sins and defeats of the past.

Caught up in the worries of the city, a teenage girl has her life torn apart.

Two unlikely companions are forced to work together to survive – or they will surely die – as the wrath of the storm closes in on the nation.

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Storm’s Fury is a new series written by renowned and #1 best-selling writers Justin Bell and Mike Kraus that is epically long (80k-100k words per book). Unlike those you’ve read before, this post-apocalyptic survival thriller is unlike that. With a deep focus on characters, planning, survival abilities, and interpersonal relationships, you will quickly find yourself absorbed by this series, even if you don’t usually like the post-apoc genre.

The Storm’s Fury PA series will be about 6-8 books in length, with a length of 80,000-100,000 words for each novel. On a monthly basis, new books in this series will be published.


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