5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Go to jail or marry my enemy? Some choice.

I’ve loved Elena for over a decade.
We were lovers once, but now she hates me.
She’s alluring, brilliant, and strong.
I messed up four years ago—and that’s putting it lightly.
And, now I’ve done it again.
In pure Elena style, she’s jumped on the grenade and only I can fix it.
But only if she agrees.

We built a billion dollar company from a class project.
Then he broke my heart into a billion pieces.
Josh’s chest is tight, hard, corded with muscle and turns my insides to mush, but our history is complicated.
My friends keep me sane as my world falls apart.
I will do whatever it takes to protect him.
His plan is ludicrous.
If I agree, can I protect my heart?

Martini Lunch is a romance with a happy ending and the second book in the the Stiletto Sisters series. This series is about strong women who need strong men. This book can be read as a stand alone and highlights the women seen in the Venture Capitalist Series and the Tech Billionaire series.


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