4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

Darkness has come to consume the world, and only Ember knows the true depths of its horror.

As a hunter, Ember’s life was spent saving humanity from the flesh-starved corpses eager to devour them. Then, a fresh evil clawed its way to the surface, leaving Ember feeling she traded one apocalypse for another.

Rxa gave his life to protect his kingdom. But now he’s back, undead and untethered. Craving carnage, he has gathered an army to destroy Under and any who dare stand in his way. His every intention is to leave Ember for last. For even in death, she consumes his every thought.

Can Ember protect her new world after failing the last? Or will Rxa succeed in wiping out Under, a place he deems too cruel to survive?

Are you a fan of horror and romance, or do you always find the villain more interesting than the hero? Than this gripping stand-alone sequel to the best-selling Masks of Under series will sink its teeth into you and never let you go!


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