5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

“Where I go, my dog goes. Where my dog goes, I go.” Even straight into a pre-Christmas blizzard, and the only woman strong enough to face down his old demons.

Kyle McGuire manages the canine training unit of Watchdog Security. He’s put in to adopt the military dog Camo, who served beside him on their SEAL team. Too bad the dog went to a complete stranger instead. Braving a blizzard at night, Kyle heads to a remote Colorado ranch where he finds Camo along with a beautiful woman—and her shotgun, pointed straight at him.

Arden Volker is settling in after a long day of single-handedly managing her animal therapy ranch when the banging at her door sends her new dog into a frenzy. Now she has no choice but to shelter the steaming hot SEAL who wants to take Camo away from her. While he has a legitimate claim, he has no idea what the dog means to her, and she’s not ready to tell.

When an unscrupulous land developer stirs up trouble of a deadly nature, Kyle, Arden, and Camo must work together to save a life. But will their Christmas dreams come true, or will all be lost in the storm?


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