4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

He might be my boss.
He might be charming, gorgeous and single.
He might be everyone’s Mr. Perfect.
But for me, he just flips all of my damn switches every single time!
And his latest request is no different.

Pretend to be his girlfriend?!
Me?! His secretary?
Out of the whole female population that exists on this planet? He asks me?
The only female who he knows is absolutely oblivious as to what makes the great Mr. Boss so Great?

And I am supposed to sell this to his ex?!
Did I mention he wants revenge on his ex?
Well, that’s going to cost him a pretty hefty amount.
Because this girl is not working for free!

So, my biggest issue with all of that… how am I supposed to act like I love him forget even like him?
Like who would be dumb enough to fall for him,
Especially when his heart belongs to another already.
Definitely not me!
Not in a million years.
The saying about never saying never?
Nopes. Totally will not apply to me!

A STEAMY HOT ROMANTIC COMEDY WHERE FALLING FOR THE BOSS IS KIND OF INEVITABLE… at least for everyone but our sassy little heroine (that’s what she told me to tell you but… you know…).

Each book in this series is a standalone and can be read in any order. And don’t forget, we are team HEA all the way!


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