5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Our kingdom sits on the brink of another war with Meria, and as the queen’s commander, it is my duty to pull it back. Unfortunately, Lord Moray, the one man who could help us establish lasting peace, is a notoriously stubborn Highlander . . . and also my father’s nemesis.

I expect resistance when I approach Lord Moray at the Tournament of Loigh, but he surprises me by agreeing to help—on one condition. I must marry his daughter, the fiery girl I once knew as a child. An appealing proposition, except there is, of course, a catch: Lady Reyne must accept my proposal of marriage, and she insists on marrying for love.

The sparks are immediate when Reyne and I first see each other again. Pursuing her is no mere duty, but new obstacles block our path at every step. Reyne has heard rumors of my supposed affection for the queen, and worse, the men who conspire against the queen are planning something wicked.

I am on the brink of everything I’ve ever wanted—stopping this endless war and starting a family—but it could all come crashing down in an instant.


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