5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Siren Fivrial longs to be with the woman he loves…

The problem is that she’s human.

After rescuing Meryn from a storm at sea, Fivrial finally comes face to face with her and they share a kiss. But then she sees his bluish-green tail…

He has no choice but to erase her memory.

Meryn is the daughter of a duke and feels constrained by the life she is expected to lead. Fiery and spirited, she longs to be free.

When Fivrial makes a deal with a sea-sorceress to give him legs, he has a chance to walk on solid ground and pursue a relationship with Meryn.

But the spell comes at a cost.

With Meryn and Fivrial getting closer and closer, they’ll have to dodge Meryn’s father and the wrath of the sea-sorceress who wants more than she’s letting on.

Will Fivrial’s new legs allow him to be with Meryn forever?

Or will they cost him everything?

Of Songs and Saltwater is an adult fantasy romance and is for people who love fairytale retellings, magic at sea, and love strong enough to outlast any obstacle.

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This novel contains sexual content, mild language, and depictions of violence.
It is intended for readers 18+.


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