4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

An Epic Fantasy in the tradition of C.S. Lewis, Riordan is a triumph! A celebration of the potential found in every human heart.Locked in a deadly battle for survival, outnumbered ten to one, King Ruarc asked, “Can it get any worse?” Then an Anakim Sorcerer appeared, riding a terror everyone thought only a legend. To make matters worse, the Anak wielded dark powers from the world’s darkest age. Ruarc got his answer…yes it can. Much worse. Retreating to a series of narrow passes called the Keys, the nation held on, hoping, praying that once again El would send a deliverer– a mighty hero. Instead, they got an illegitimate outcast, a fifteen year old boy on a half–dead forty year old horse. Who says the El of Jeshurun doesn’t have a sense of humor . . .

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