4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

I ignored Aida’s warnings, and now I’m ensnared in a ruthless man’s trap.

When I went to give Fabio Alteri a piece of my mind,
I never expected the visit to take a forbidden turn.
Aida told me not to go but in a drunken fury I visited the dangerous don.
Angry that this man would tear my friend from me the way he did—his own daughter.

Then, our eyes met and it felt like he set my soul on fire.
I shouldn’t want the ruthless Sicilian mafia don.
He’s dangerous.
He’s forbidden.
He’s got no soul.

And yet, I find myself inexplicably drawn to him.
He’s broken, and I’ve always had a tendency to try to fix people.
The question is will I be able to fix him, or will he break me instead?

Ruthless Daddy is the third book in the Boston Mafia Doms Series by Bianca Cole. This book is a safe story with no cliffhangers and a happily ever after ending. However, this story has dark themes, hot scenes, violence, content some readers may find upsetting, and bad language. It features an over the top, twisted and possessive Italian crime boss.


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