5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

With a keystroke, the legendary cyberterrorist known as The Black Queen is threatening to bring society to its knees. Yet that’s a mere footstep in her dark and dangerous plan – for the Black Queen reigns over far more than just technology. In addition, she wields supernatural powers as a dark sorceress – and plans to warp magic and technology together to further her unholy mission of tearing apart the barrier between this world and the next and unleash unthinkable corruption upon the souls of man.

Only one force stands in her way: Jack “Ransom” Mcllwain, his best friend Cash, and his team of elite paramilitary shifters – each able to pierce the veil between this world and the next. Assigned to track down the Black Queen in New Orleans, Ransom and his squad initially have no idea of her true identity or power – and their unique abilities couldn’t have prepared them for the deadly ordeal they’re about to face.

Yet they won’t have to face it alone. Ransom and his team have a powerful ally in his brilliant girlfriend Erika – the mythical White Raven, who has been gifted with magic that rivals even that of the Black Queen. Together, she and Jack must lead his team in a desperate mission to thwart the Black Queen’s ultimate goal: Unlocking all nine of the mythical Ragnarök Gates and unleashing a literal Hell upon the Earth.

Tapestry of Worlds, Part II; Running & Gunning is a companion novel to Part I: The White Raven Awakens – part of Hadley Thorne’s powerful post-apocalyptic shifter series The Tapestry of Worlds, which readers have praised for “weaving together magic and myth with current events to create a dynamic new world” and “a fascinating and beautiful tale that will make you catch your breath as often as you hold it.”

A powerful post-apocalyptic shifter series for fans of Ryan Westfield, Nathan Jones, and Kyla Stone.


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