5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

There are no heroes anymore…only villains of varying degrees…From the author of “Tex Murphy and the Tesla Effect”, “Tex Murphy and the Pandora Directive” and “Tex Murphy: Under a Killing Moon” comes the latest exciting adventure in the series.It’s November, 2050 and Tex Murphy, P.I. is fresh off a mid-life crisis…but not the fun kind. First, his memory of the past seven years was mysteriously erased. Then he found out his dream girl, Chelsee, was long gone. And now his bank account—which got inexplicably fat during his lost years—is back to skin and bones.Fate has dealt Tex some lousy cards, but he has one ace in the hole. During his just-completed case, he turned up a secret bit of information worth a “king’s ransom”. Or so he was told by a new player in the game, the enigmatic Count St. Germain, who seemed more than ready to deal.But before Tex can determine what a king’s ransom comes to in 2050 dollars, St. Germain raises the stakes: Tex has played a pivotal role in four potentially world-changing events over the past thirteen years (six, depending on your definition of “world-changing”) and St. Germain suspects this hasn’t happened by accident; a “Man Behind the Curtain” has made Tex an unwitting pawn in an unknown game. And it all seems to have started during Tex’s very first case.With St. Germain’s unique assistance, Tex travels into the past, recounting the story of his first case, back in 2037. Together, they find new connections between all of Tex’s cases and pick up the trail of the unknown puppet master. A shocking discovery awaits about what happened all those years ago…and how those events are about to change Tex’s future.

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