5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Colonel Nitesh Sharma is a highly respected commanding officer of the 37 Int & FS Unit. Only Sandhya, his wife, knows that he is compulsively abusive husband. The violence escalates when she begins to question Nitesh’s past marriages, specifically the first one that left him a widower…
Having escaped her vicious marriage, Sandhya settles in her new life as a journalist in Delhi. She proves to be a hard worker, and along the way rekindles old friendships. Few people know of what she’s endured in the past. However, this peace is disrupted by a court case involving her now ex-husband Col Sharma. Things begin to unravel. And fast.
In the highly masculine environment of the army, Sandhya has to shape her own identity and life, by facing her worst nightmares. When she accidentally discovers a scandal that threatens to destroy the Indian army, she has no choice but to take on the most dreaded adversaries to protect its reputation. Along the way, the story recounts the dedication of our military, the honour and sacrifice of our soldiers, and relationships that are tested by the powerful forces of courage and resolve.

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