5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

A girl who’s in love. A human possessed. A lethal sacrifice.

Savanna Rose is a plain servant girl before she is swept off her feet by Lord Robert, the most powerful man in town. But when she learns that her Prince Charming has been hiding a dark secret, her hopes of a fairytale ending are easily shattered. Savanna agrees to go through with it to show her devotion once it has been discovered that he has lost other women during his rituals. She had no idea she was playing with fire-hellfire!

A vampire now, she is the greatest tool of Lord Robert. Tensions emerge as his love shifts from her back to his control, causing them to engage in a dangerous retaliatory game. Is one of them going to go too far? And will everything that she loves be lost by the darkness she once embraced?

The effects could be lethal.


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