4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

Magic starts weeping into Wonderland and it spells nothing but trouble.

Thanks to her growing reputation as an unofficial private investigator, Alice Wynter gets a visit from Rory Stone, a young woman interested in figuring out who her birth parents are. She lives with her three maternal aunts and they refuse to say a word. Unfortunately for Alice, she’s not as good at finding people as she is at solving crimes, which means she has to recruit Jack Lupine. They haven’t gotten along before Alice’s best friend was murdered.

At the same time, Rumplestilskin is back with more information on Beast’s wrongful imprisonment and wants Alice to help figure out why a man would sign his life away for a crime he didn’t commit. All they have is a name – Belle – and the fact that she’s the only person he’s been writing to, besides his sister.

When clues lead her to unraveling the truth about the Mad Mage, about whether he’s really back, she realizes she could potentially be putting herself and her small town in danger.

Alice may not possess magic, but she’s in a world of it. Wonderland is like an onion; the more she peels back, another more sinister layer is there, ready to threaten everything and everyone she loves. She must press forward and continue to uncover everything about the town’s sordid history if she ever wants to learn what really happened to her best friend – and why Alice is at the center of everything.

With the magic of Once Upon A Time
and the mystery of Veronica Mars, The Shadows of Wonderland series is highly addictive. Scroll up and 1-click your copy today!


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