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“The empty classroom Etienne had chosen for their incantation no longer resembled a quiet place of learning. He had shoved the desks against the walls, their legs standing rigid in the damp air like things newly dead and haphazardly piled out of his way. The floor was all but covered in a vast, perfectly circular rune chalked in intricate, swirling patterns. Candles in different stages of melting decay stood at regular intervals, casting flickering light onto stone walls…

“Let’s just get this over with,” Alphonse murmured, holding her free hand out for the incantation.”

One Goddess. One mortal woman.

An entire world at stake.

Allee and Etienne have been friends since they first came to the Moxous school of Magics, but when they unwittingly release a terrible, ancient power their bond will be tested in the journey toward fixing their mistakes.

Delyth was raised to faithfully serve the Goddess Enyo at the temple where she was abandoned as a babe, so when the sword, Calamity, is thrust into her keeping, she faces the task of protecting the Goddess’s Vassal with equanimity. Only, no amount of training could have prepared Delyth for the strain on her loyalties caused by the beautiful Vassal herself; under enough pressure, even the beliefs of a lifetime will bend.

Love, friendship, and betrayal will all blossom on the path to Thlonandras in this first book of The Call of Calamity Series.

What readers are saying:

“I would definitely recommend this to a friend. This book was a must read for any LGBT+ fantasy lover. The characters are complex, root-able, and at times infuriating (in the best way). The book dives into themes of religion, sexuality, and inner strength. If you are looking for a tender story between two women, in a world that allows you to escape our own, this book contains an epic journey and one hell of a love story!” -Lauren L.

“I would describe it as an old world where Gods once walked the earth. Gods with personality, Gods with flaws just like the humans they rule over. A world where magic coexists with the people in it. A world where everything has a price.” -Joseph S.

“The conversations, thoughts, and emotions of the characters are the greatest strengths of this book. It never fails to meet expectations, nor does it ever fail to make sense. There is humor, wit, sorrow, angst and so much else to enjoy.” -Franz K.


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