5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Outspoken, daring, assertive—Nothing stands in Carla Jones’s way when she has her mind made up. Carla’s witty personality is a breath of fresh air to those around her. And someone who admires Carla from afar happens to be the only person that’s invaded her dreams and awakened her passion for love. The problem is whenever their paths cross, it’s for a stimulating fleeting moment. When those moments end, his silence makes Carla wonder if their chemistry is a figment of her imagination. Clueless about his disposition, Carla decides to leave her options open for love even when her soul yearns for the man of her distant dreams.

It was his heart he couldn’t ignore.

World-renowned Architect Jacob Alexander Rose wants to stick to his daily routines and career-driven focus. Relationships are a thing of his past; and they never worked in his favor. But with every event he attends, so does the one who rules his cognitive mind—Carla Jones. Sensuous thoughts of her bombard him at every turn, making Jacob wonder if colliding with Carla is a part of his future he’s determined to fight off.

Consumed with an ever-present dripping heat when their proximities converge, Jacob is torn between exploring their attraction or allowing the pain of a disappointing history to take precedence over what could’ve been.


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